Sex toys

Toys are fun to use when making love. Just for fun, or to touch each other in a different way. There are many different types of sex toys available. We recommend using toys that supplement bodily contact.

Surprise each other with sex toys!
Surprise each other with edible underwear or body paint for example - a wonderful way to give a different perspective to your foreplay. With edible underwear, you slowly nibble your way to each other's erogenous zones. And with body-paint, you can write or draw sweet messages on each other's body and then lick them off ever so sweetly. You can also use a vibrator together. Explore each other using a vibrator: move it along her breasts and nipples or over her stomach and pubic mound, before moving on to her vulva and clitoris. Do the same to him, and see if he likes it if you move it over his balls or between his buttocks.

What do the experts say about ShowMeHow: Dr. Woet L. Gianotten:

"I am only a little surprised by the reaction in England. They still have a very ambivalent relationship to sexuality and if you ask me that has a lot to do with the significant influence of the tabloids. Everyone seems to be scared of it. It also seems to be the case that many professionals still stick to the age limit of 18 years before they can give explicit sexual advice. That is very disturbing when you consider that 30% of English boys and 26% of English girls have already had intercourse before their 16th birthday. Sticking to such a rule is completely insane when you know than in England 26 out of 1000 girls (15-19 years) have given birth to a child and 26 have undergone an abortion."
"We have come a long way in terms of how we inform people about sex. Many years ago we started promoting 'abstinence' – which of course didn't work. Then we evolved to education where 'safety' was the dominant concern: watch out you don't get pregnant, watch out you don't contract STDs. Safe sex is insanely important, but that's not the end of the story. Respect and pleasure are also important. It is precisely these elements that 'showmehow' tackles in a contemporary way." Woet L. Gianotten continues: "It is entirely natural that young people go in search of information about sex. There is a lot of boring information online, however, that simply does not appeal to young people. You also find a lot of pornography which is even less appropriate for young people. The 'showmehow' videos manage to plot a course between the two extremes magnificently. They are well made and the information focuses primarily on pleasure. Aspects such as respect and safety are very obviously present but without detracting from the message."

Dr. Woet L. Giantotten is a doctor-psychotherapist & medical sexologist, and a member of the Executive Committee of the World Association for Sexual Health:

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