Jerking off

Jerking yourself off, or masturbating, may not only be enjoyable when you are by yourself, it can also help you enjoy sex with a partner. The advantage of jerking yourself off is that you can do it in any way you like; and you can try touching yourself in different areas to see what arouses you. This will help you learn how to achieve an orgasm, and you can share this information with your sex partner.

Are you the one jerking off?
It is fun to jerk him off and it can be a good way to make him really horny! You can combine jerking him off with kissing and caressing him during foreplay, and by giving him a blow job.
Each man likes different things. Ask him if he likes what you're doing. And let him guide your hand. This also helps a lot if you are afraid that you are being too rough or too fast.

What do the experts say about ShowMeHow: Sanderijn van der Doef

"Many young adults, and young men in particular, turn to the internet for information about sex. They often end up on porn sites, which provide an inaccurate and unrealistic impression of what sex and sexuality are about. In this way young adults often come away with the misleading impression that what they see on a porn site is the way it should be done. Recent research has indicated that what young adults really want is clear and frank information about sexuality, they want to know exactly how sex works and they want to know how to make it better and more enjoyable. This is what the Showmehow website aims to achieve, and we hope it will have a wide appeal to young adults. As a psychologist and sexologist and an expert in the field of sex information for young adults, I have been called in as a consultant to advise on the content of the site. This initiative has my whole-hearted support."

Sanderijn van der Doef is a leading Dutch psychologist and sexologist having spent many years in educational research at the University of Amsterdam. From 1990 - 2000 she worked at the Rutgers Foundation (now known as Rutgers WPF), where she specialised in sexual development and sexual education of children and adolescents. From 2000 she worked at the Dutch National Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention as a senior staff member and trainer in the Relationships and Sexuality Department. Since 2007 she has worked at the World Population Foundation and has specialised as private registered sexologist. Sanderijn has published several books for on sex for parents, children and adolescents. Sanderijn has also played an active part in the development of the Dutch sexual educational curriculum, having developed various educational materials including the module 'Relationships and Sexuality' - now taught to all Dutch primary school children between 4-12 years.
Sanderijn writes regularly in various monthly and weekly Dutch magazines. She has also editorially advised on the sexual educational content of several television programs. See also

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