Foreplay is essential to making love, to achieving an erection and for lubrication. Foreplay can also lead nowhere. Perhaps neither of you really feels like having real sex. Foreplay usually consists of kissing, undressing and caressing each other. You can also combine this with manual stimulation and oral sex.

Everyone can kiss of course. But not everyone's kisses are as enjoyable. This is usually because people forget that you have to kiss together. A French kiss feels better if you pay attention to how your lover reacts. It is also important to take your time and to move gently

Other things in Foreplay
There are also other things you can do during foreplay besides caressing and kissing. For example: role play. Pretend you are at a deluxe health spa; lie down on the bed and let the other person play the part of a particularly voluptuous and sexy masseuse!

What do the experts say about ShowMeHow: The Recommendation Committee consist, for now, of the following experts and organisations:


1. Drs. Peter Leusink (GP/sexologist and Head Editor of the Dutch & Belgium Journal of Sexology)
2. Paula Hall (Relationship and Sex Psychotherapist)
3. Sanderijn van der Doef (psychologist and sexologist)
4. Dr. Woet L. Gianotten (MD/psychotherapist)


5. Rutgers WPF: Dutch expert organisation on sexual health
6. NVVS: Dutch Association for Sexology
7. SENSOA: Flemish expert organisation on sexual health and HIV
8. Flemish Federation for Sexology
9. Terence Higgins Trust

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